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Cordero Lab

I now work on microbial ecology and evolution at MIT.

Theoretical Biology
(ETH Zurich)

I did my PhD in Sebastian Bonhoeffer's group in Zurich. Great science, great people!

Laboratory of Statistical Biophysics
(EPF Lausanne)

Much of what I know about statistical physics I learned from Paolo.

Other work stuff

Clinton Foundation
Gotta try and save the world, right?


My impressions of the world, stored in a digital format.

Friends and other fun things

Nobody should study too hard - should be an honorary degree from the EPFL.

Stay in touch with old friends. Other that that, it's a little over-rated.

Affematrose FC
It would be boring to support a regular team.

Travelling will never be the same again.

Gabriel E Leventhal


Dr. sc., ing. phys. dipl. EPF

Warum reisen wir? Auch dies, damit wir Menschen begegnen, die nicht meinen dass sie uns kennen ein für allemal; damit wir noch einmal erfahren, was uns in diesem Leben möglich sei. Es ist ohnehin wenig genug.

-- Max Frisch, Tagebuch